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The Re-Opening of the Riveria Maya

These last few months have been a time of uncertainty for all of us, and our friends in Quintana Roo are no different. This area of Mexico relies heavily on the tourism industry for their livelihood. It is of the utmost importance to everyone to make sure that we can soon travel back to one of my favorite destinations as safely as possible.

Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean is also the first destination in the Americas to receive the Global Safety stamp, which is a recognition from the World Travel & Tourism Council for destinations that adopt standards to ensure the hygiene of establishments.

Just as travel was forever changed after 9/11, we know that it will be changed once again. As we adjust to a new normal I am determined to look at the benefits of the "new" travel industry. We know that there will be a new focus on cleanliness and hygiene practices (not that I ever found them lacking before at my favorite resorts). Chances are, for at least a time, occupancy rates will be lower and everyone is going to be more conscious of others. Even though this pandemic has changed a lot in our daily lives, it does not have to quell our wanderlust.

The Mexican Caribbean, which consists of 12 destination brands, will reopen in phases using a traffic light system, from Red, which is severely limited capacity, to Green, which is 100% capacity. The state will review the situation each week and announce on Thursdays whether it will move up to the next color. Currently the destination is in the Orange phase, which includes 30% capacity for most segments, such as hotels, dining, amusement parks, transportation, golf courses and car rentals. Beaches, nightlife and casinos, and groups and conventions remain closed.

Just know that your travel industry professionals are working hard to learn the new lay of the land, and are here to guide you on your next great escape. 

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